What is SEO Hat Techniques?

SEO is one of the most sizzling topics in the digital market nowadays where different businesses redirect focus to reach the target audience through organic searches. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while learning SEO.

There are different procedures used in SEO (search engine optimization), one group of the procedure or technique is denoted by HAT. The 3 types of hats are called  White Hat, Gray Hat, and Black Hat and have a different definition for each of them. Don’t only read this but try to understand the importance of this topic as it is relevant and undeniable while dealing in the digital marketing industry . I will start it with a white hat and the same follows:

  White Hat

White Hat technique is contemplated as the most ethical or moral way of SEO. In this, the Search Engine Instructions are adhering to and doesn’t require any duplicity. It fortifies that the content that is registered by the search engines and observed by the customer is alike.

black hat seo forum

White Hat Technique also makes sure that the web pages have a good quality and helpful content. In this technique, you have to ensure that the codes are justifiable and correct HTML margin is taken in use and make sure that the search engines are able to recognize the title from the body. The White Hat technique, links are built in a moral or ethical way like we have connecting with the applicable sites and are creating a quality content so that the almost identical websites want to associate with your web page. The White Hat SEO technique is brought in usage by the people who urge to boost their search engine result positions but don’t want to get penalized by the search engines. This technique is comparatively relaxed in comparison to the other techniques but it is an existing and the most modest procedure.

Gray Hat

The Gray Hat SEO technique is comparatively riskier than the White Hat but if this procedure is used then your web page might not get interdicted by the search engines. This technique comes somewhere in between of The Black Hat and The White Hat technique. This method is operated as it can be much more advantageous than White Hat technique. A specimen of Gray Hat SEO can be buying a link as in this situation you might wish to link your web page to a website that is not associated with your site. In this technique, the keyword density is more in comparison to the White Hat technique but not that much that is used in the Black Hat technique. In Gray Hat technique, identical contents are produced in various websites. This varies from time to time as if in one year if it is contemplated as Gray Hat Technique then the next year it may be called as White Hat technique or Black Hat technique.

 Black Hat

Black Hat SEO technique is used to boost the web page’s rank in the search engines in a non-ethical manner. The Black Hat technique is reviewed so as to ploy the Search Engines so that the position of the web page is higher in position but are not useful to the visitors.

In this technique, one version of the page is presented to the search engine bots and the other version is presented to the visitors and this is called a Cloaking SEO tactic. In this, the hidden text is written with the same color as of the background is used so that the crawlers can see them but the visitors are not able to see them. Keyword stuffing is done by overusing the keywords in the comments tag, meta tags, and alt tags. Low-quality stuff created that have very little content and they are stuffed with the identical keywords. These pages are known as Gateway pages. Link farms are made by associating their website with the pages that are not related to their website.

black hat seo techniques 2018

The Black Hat SEO techniques should not be used for better results as initially, it will give a kick start boost to your site but it is not beneficial in the long run. As the moment search engines find out that malpractices have been done, they will automatically ban the web page.

We all know that all the SEO practitioners are not following the same methods for a boost on their page and it is the real truth we all need to accept. It is an extremely important thing for us to understand the difference between these 3 different seo techniques while exploring various service providers.

In todays dynamic era, it is substantial to remain updated with upcoming marketing trends to secure a leading position amongst your competitors.
Before commencing a new business, you go through deep commercial research and understand the scenario to attain higher profits. Similarly, revised SEO methods and tactics will encourage you to triumph over the online world and collect handsome revenue. It is rightly said that “change is the essence of development.” Your job is to put those changes into action as per your standards or requirements. Engaging the latest digital marketing trends will make you stand out in the crowd and evolve your intelligence in the current high-tech century

We have come up with 8 impactful SEO techniques to increase online traffic. The year 2019 demands for topmost google rankings, so be the one to ace it. Higher organic traffic shoots up the overall ROI(Return On Investment) of your SEO strategy.
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