Knowledge bytes on SEO

SEO Knowledge Bytes:

What is SEO?

  • Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and increase their website reach with more comprehensible/attractive the search engine algorithm hence , effect the  quantity of website visit, increasing position of a web page to users of a web search engine.
  • The purpose of SEO is to increase the organic or unpaid traffic to your website through organic search engine.

 What is on-page & off-page SEO?

  • On-page: Measures taken for optimizing web pages directly to elevate the ranking through content quality, HTML source code, content structure, keyword density, meta title and description, page title, url structure, internal linking. know more about on-page activities.
  • Off-page: Measures taken for improving the performance of a website on a search engine with the help of external factors like backlinks from another website, link building, blog directory submissions, forum submissions, social bookmarking, social media engagement, etc. , it also includes promotional methods on social media. Check out top off-page activities that help to get high backlinks.

Apart from Google what other search engines can you name?

  • Some of the popular search engines other than Google are:Blekko, Bing, BuzzSumo, Yahoo, Baidu,CrunchBase,, Vimeo, QuantCast ,DuckDuckGo, and Yandex.

What is crawling & indexing?

  • Crawling: Crawling is a process of tracking and gathering URLs to prepare for indexing. In other words, a crawler studies websites, related web-pages, links, and content to create entries for search engine indexing.
  • Indexing: A webpage is considered to be indexed when it is added to the database of a search engine. Once the indexing is done, the webpage will start appearing for queries on the search engine. However, it is important to note that the webpage will have to go through a process of search engine optimization to get reflected on top positions.

 What is the importance of Keywords?

  •  Keywords are single words or complex phrases, used to attract relevant and organic traffic, they help you to understand the nature of content.
  • Well-researched keywords are very important as they lead the way in optimizing content on your website and making it comprehensible for search engines.

 What is keyword density?

  • Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword appears on your webpage as compared to the total number of words on that page. Focus behind maintaining proper keyword density is to help optimize your webpage on a search engine, without having it penalised for keyword stuffing. The ideal keyword density is considered to be 1 to 3 percent.

 What is a long-tail keyword?

  • Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling.Long-term keywords are additions to short-tail keywords (e.g Watches)that make the search more specific (e.g. – Watches under Rs. 2000).

What are canonical URLs?

  • The search engine friendly URL that you want the search engines to treat as authoritative .When the same or similar content is being used at different places within your website, the canonical URL function helps in specifying the source that should be considered as ‘original’ by the search engine. It, therefore, solves the problem of duplicate content by directing the search engine to the most preferred source.

 What do you understand by back linking & why is it important in SEO?

  •    A backlink is a hyperlink on another website that leads a user to your website. In SEO, backlinks are of immense importance as the number and quality of backlinks have a huge impact on the popularity & performance of a website. Backlinks are one of the main factors that affect the domain authority of a website.

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