Social Media Marketing Strategies and Tips You Should Know

When you transit in the metro or bus, you’ll notice that the majority of people have their eyes jammed on their mobile phones. What do you think they do? Well, an assumption is that they scroll down on their social media sites. Believe it or not, people do care about what goes on online. They take active participation in different posts. They condemn a controversy, support a move and lament a dead celebrity through “R.I.P”s. They reply they like, they report and whatnot. This makes social media a great place to carry out marketing activities which people have called Social Media Marketing.

According to a study, there are about 3.5 billion social media users in the world. With this enormous number, Social Media Marketing benefits not only the users but also the companies that market on social media sites. Therefore, Social Media Marketing jobs are on a rise along with the demand for Social Media Marketing Courses.

What is Social Media Marketing?

social media marketing strategy

In simple words, Social Media Marketing is the promotion or endorsement of goods and services on social media sites through different mediums such as images, written posts, videos, and statistics.

Social Media Marketing Companies employ different tactics to promote their products and services. They range from aggressive promotional techniques to non-aggressive strategies. Companies self-aggrandize their image to boost their sales while sometimes criticizing their competition. Just look at the feud between the two fast-food giants, Wendy’s and Mcdonald’s. In 2018, Wendy’s mocked Mcdonald’s use of frozen beef in burgers on twitter which followed a twitter war between the two restaurants. The result was a massive increase in the sales of both restaurants.

social media tips for small business

But we wouldn’t recommend taking on a fast food giant on social media. We have other Social Media Marketing strategies and tricks up our sleeve which we would like to share with you and along the way, we’ll discuss the benefits of social media for business.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Strategies are important. They provide you with a definite course of action. If you go seafaring into an ocean without a compass, you’ll surely get lost or drown. It is, therefore, necessary that you choose a strategy for Social Media Marketing. Following are the most important of them:

Choose the Best Alternative- Strategies are mainly built to achieve a goal that is most profitable to the organization. In the case of Social Media Marketing, you must choose a social media marketing technique that is most beneficial to the organization or which suits the organization the best. Given are a few Social Media Marketing Techniques:

social media marketing strategy example
  • Influencer Marketing – This is a mutated version of celebrity endorsement in which the company and a third party collaborate to promote themselves. This is a common practice on YouTube where known YouTubers collaborate with interested companies and produce promotional content.
  • Consumer’s Online Brand-Related Activities (COBRA) – In this technique, consumers are encouraged to post positive information about a product such as a picture or a post. This is purely based on consumer’s views on the product.
  • Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) – This technique is based around consumer’s interaction. It works when consumers interact with each other and spread the good word about the product or service.
  • Social Media Advertising – Companies do prefer advertising online, whether paid or not. This remains a common Social Media Marketing technique.
  • Virtual Public Relations – Some brands look forward to improving their reputation through Social Media. By doing this they either correct any misinformation about their product or service or to dispel a rumor in their conduct.

Try to Rectify Your Biggest Problem- By killing the biggest alligator in the river, you will make the river much safer for fishing. If your company is unknown on social media, then make it your priority to spread awareness about it. If you have a shortage of sales, then advertise enticing offers. Things may not correct themselves immediately but they will gradually. Try to consistently pursue your target.

Investigate Your Audience- Social media is not about following a rule of thumb. This could prove unfruitful for the company’s sales. Try to make extensive research about your audience before targeting them on social media. Use surveys and read feedback on your posts to gather information. You can also build data on the basis of likes and dislikes of the consumers on social media sites. Facebook and Twitter are one of those sites that keep this data transparent to advertisers.

Measure the Success of Your Posts- You must understand the follies in your product or service and grasp what made your product or service successful. There are many ways to do that but a few significant ones are mentioned below:

social media marketing tips for small business
  • Engagement – Since consumers take an active part in the social web, they express their views or share their opinions on the product or service. This feedback becomes important for the perfect construction of the commodity promoted. Engagement includes the number of likes, reshares or retweets and positive comments on a post.
  • Views – On certain social media sites such as Vimeo or YouTube, the success of a product or service is measured on the number of views its promotional video had. This information, if satisfactory, can be used to promote the commodity further.
  • Hashtag – It is a well-known phenomenon. The success of a commodity can be measured with regard to the popularity of the hashtag used to promote it.

You can also use Social Media Marketing tools that are widely available with or without any charges.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Plan Before Posting – Do a rigorous amount of planning before posting on social media as a hasty post only backfires and becomes the mark of public humiliation for the company. Take Protein World’s Social Media Marketing techniques for example where they targeted overweight people on Twitter, fat-shaming them into using their product. This trapped the company into a controversy.

social media marketing tips for beginners

Make appropriate research before posting. Correct any potentially outrageous remark and take suitable action to make the most neutral in tonality.

Post Consistently – Posting content regularly on social media sites makes for an interactive session between the consumers and the company. The consumers start to regard the company as an active stakeholder in the competitive market. This also improves Social Media Optimization (SMO) of the company which is an important factor for any company to achieve its goal on social media.

Make Your Posts Visually Enticing – An attractive image on a post will instantly attract the audience while they scroll down the abyss. Provide an effective punchline to complement the image. This will improve your engagement as well as your popularity.

Redress – If any consumer comes to you with any complaints you must address his or her issues. This is what makes an effective Social Media Marketing. Try to identify the problem and nip it in the bud if possible.

Following these Social Media Marketing strategies and tips will make you a very successful SMO or marketer.

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