Expert’s Given 5 Linkedin Marketing Strategy Tips For Business(2019)

Taking Social Media Marketing as a crucial platform to promote their brands. Businesses understood the need to actively participate on these platforms and we have seen them doing this perfectly, using Social Media Marketing strategy to reach the audience at a Global level. With much of a business’s focus on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin it is obligatory for us to know “how much social media is helping businesses to grow.” So today we are going to look at “5 Marketing Strategies that businesses use/used for the Linkedin platform in 2019”.

LinkedIn Marketing is an unutilized resource in Social Media Marketing(SMM). Getting training in Social Media Marketing will give you insight into different social media platforms such as if we talk about Instagram, fewer people are aware of Instagram Influencer Marketing, but big brands are already using these kinds of different social media marketing strategies on different social media platforms. So don’t get late and look for the best opportunity you can grab.

Businesses entered Linkedin to promote themselves into the world of professionals and they are really working hard for it because according to stats Linkedin users are increasing at a good amount of rate. With more than 500 million active members no doubt in coming future Linkedin marketing will serve as another game changer for business in the B2B space. Still, you have doubts about  “why social media?” then you can start reading this article. 

So here I am with my little knowledge and 5 Linkedin Marketing Strategy to expand your business audience by 600%:

1.Perfect your LinkedIn company profile(Completely)

Linkedin Marketing Tips

On a LinkedIn platform, the company pages which have a fully complete profile earn 2X more visitors than with imperfect ones. So don’t forget to leave these 8 items incomplete:

  • Logo
  • Company
  • Description
  • Website URL
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Company type
  • location

Follow provided steps in order to perfect your profile-

  1. Select ‘Overview’ given on your Linkedin’s company page.
  2. Through there you’ll reach your company’ info page then you’ll update your essential business info.
  3. Make ‘About us’ informative so that visitors can know about you and don’t forget to upload a company logo with high resolution.
  4. Fill important fields carefully which are down below the ‘About us’ option.
  5. This above points will help you make your company’s page look more professional & legitimate page. This thing will engage visitors to connect with you whosoever will see your company’s profile.

2. Make a Schedule For Consistent Posting

Linkedin Marketing Strategy 2019

Posting on your LinkedIn business account will help you gain followers 6X faster, just be consistent with your schedule. And it’s a win for you if your LinkedIn account has 150+ followers than you can see viewers rate increase by 5X.  Make your weekly routine to post from your Linkedin business account and in that routine post at least 2 times.

LinkedIn content performs well if you include the following:

  • A caption should be engaging and descriptive
  • Not only your content should be quality content but should also be eye-catching.
  • Use proper hashtags to increase your content visibility.

Another pro tip for you-

Not sure what to post! And wants a steady stream of quality content, adds some few RSS feeds to content inbox. What RSS feed do is customize the content and not just simply post the headline and image in the RSS feed using the same method you use while writing your quality content to be shared on LinkedIn.

3. Update your top content-

If you found out that your content is not more informative or quality driven or you are running out of ideas for content, than start re-share your old/previous content so that your engagement with the audience doesn’t fall apart. As if your previous content is so informative and engaging than surely it will perform well again. To find your top content, go to post a report and click ‘Most popular’. And for not breaking the engagement chain with your audience, post consistently.

4. Occupy your colleagues and employees-

 In your LinkedIn Marketing, engaging your colleagues and employees in this activity will bring you good and satisfactory results. As once they got activated they can boost your content visibility. And here is a tip to get them to engage with LinkedIn company’s page, encourage them because they are your biggest asset and with them, you can amplify your LinkedIn Marketing reach.

5. Go beyond the boundary of LinkedIn to promote your company page-

Promoting business on one Social Media platform is not enough, you have to bring synchronizing efforts among different social media platforms in order to have consistent growth. LinkedIn allows you to cross-promoting on social media. And the way to promote your LinkedIn company page is to use the LinkedIn follow button on your company’s website, which will allow your blog audience to catch up with you on LinkedIn and all of these efforts will bring you long term success.

Published by ACHAL SHARMA

We are a Premium Digital Marketing training institute which provides training to corporate, professional students. besides this, we have also started a comprehensive certificate program on web designing and web development. bookish knowledge is futile until it is backed by hands-on-experience, keeping the view in mind. we are also providing training to aspiring interns. yes, one who clear about their ambition.

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