Facebook Ads Best Practices In 2019

Every business needs the best platform and Social media platform that will suit business is based on the business’s objectives. Many times experienced marketers too makes mistakes while building strategies for business campaign, as they don’t accept the influence of Social Media Marketing has on audiences & how can one use different social media platforms for lead generation and conversion. While building Social media marketing strategies, Digital marketers should consider those social media platforms that will help businesses in growth and brand building. One of the best social media marketing platform that Digital marketers should consider is “Facebook”.

facebook ad specs

On Facebook, a marketer can engage millions of customers by regularly staying active, by posting engaging videos and other stuff like opting facebook ads best practices. By managing Ads on facebook, promoters can boost business’s reach within the local market and more based on business strategy. Along with facebook, marketer can also get in touch with Instagram influencer on Instagram for promoting the brand on different social media platforms but if your strategy or budget only asks for one social media platform. A digital marketer should use that one social media platform at an optimum level. So, apart from regularly posting engagement content on facebook. Here are some best practices tips which are better than facebook ads best practice 2018, this facebook ads guide will definitely help FB ads manager achieve cool and amazing results. Before that, if you are urging for realistic solutions and don’t possess much knowledge, you can take SMM training from known and affordable digital marketing institute.  What best ‘Facebook ads practice 2018’ has proven these below-given point will give you more:

facebook ad targeting tips


  • Promotions: Whatever promoter wants to promote, should be clear, accurate and understandable by a human. For example, If ad promotion is about some future event, it should be mention “what-event, place, timing”. It should not misguide or confuse viewers.
  • Back story: If you are a business owner and want to reach the maximum audience, you definitely need an extraordinary back story, a story is what will connect your audience with your business emotionally. A story will bring uniqueness to your business and influence users to opt for your services. 
  • Call to Action: Ease individuals trouble who wants to connect by providing the right and creative ‘call to action’.  


  • Stories:  Provide content through stories and animation, as it is catchy and connects viewers quickly.
  • Short:  As viewers look hundreds of videos daily, many of them are skippable, long and incomplete in clearing the message( it wants to give). So keep it brief with a complete message.
  • Sound:  Use sound that is blending with your story, to enhance emotional connectivity, the music plays a crucial role to give your story an engaging audience.
  • Creative and innovative: Ideas that are creative and innovative and shown through video, enhance the chances of video to spread into far distances. Using this advantage you can blend your business goals with innovative and creative video ideas.

Ad Format

  • Take advantage of available placements: Consider in-stream ads and Instagram stories with addition to a news feed.
  • Extraordinary content: A content is a combination of images,videos, and texts, so try taking compelling and strong content with great thumbnails, vivid background and creative product shots for making your ad engaging.
  • First essential three seconds: Show your brand message in the first three seconds of ads with celebrity, character or prop in your video, at front or center. 
  • Story and right frame: your ad might consist of every above point accurately but if it is not the right frame, every effort put will go to waste, hence the video should be produced in 4:5 or 9:16 ratios; mobile-friendly.
  • Sound on or off: Your video should be produced in such a way that even without sound off, it must deliver your message perfectly.
  • Optimized video: Create videos in different ratios for optimal placement. Such as- square video(1:1) for feed and vertical video(9:16) for stories.
  • Thumbnail: Select thumbnail that can seek the attention of audiences while setting up Facebook and Instagram ads.


  • Before starting your campaign, search for trending topics blends your new thoughts with it to achieve new records.
  • Target audience which might have an interest in opting for your services or buy your product. You can collect the target audience by researching on different facebook pages or analyze your competitor, research how they do facebook ads.

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