Make Best Of The SEO Link Building In 7 ways


Link building in SEO is considered an essential ranking factor to provide ranking on SERPs. So SEOs bigger concern is to manage and building successful Backlinks. With SEO link building tools and following 9 ways, you will be able to have a collection of clean and growing Backlinks.

Before moving further with the SEO Link building list, here are Link building strategies for content creators and  SEOs.  

List consist of suggestions on:

  • Maintaining efforts placed in having results and gathering Link building ideas.
  • Throwing harmful Backlinks quickly
  • Building Content that brings relevant traffic as Google recommends 
  • Pacing the process of having new links  

Let’s have a look at 9 ways for best “SEO Link building”

Step 1: Inspect “What is new” in your backlink profile

Seo experts recommend scheduling this examination every 2 weeks as that much longer it takes Google to index new links. Your 2-week observing time will pay you for several reasons. One is tracking your success results. With using quick filter “NEW” in semrush’s Backlinks report by picking “Follow” type to check most valuables ones first, you can check whether your past outreach activities, affiliate and other kinds of marketing failed or not.


Other backlink tools such as backlink checker will also be helpful, as observing the latest Backlinks will also help you in detecting and eliminating harmful toxic links, rival spam attack or other issues. The backlink report will help you in detecting undesirable referring domains. Also, you can add suspicious links in the Disavow list in one click and send it to Google disavow tool afterward.

link building tools

Step 2: Revive everything you lost

Having the latest/new Backlinks is really a big deal, just make sure not to lose valuable’s how you can get back lost link. While, using a backlink checker, select “lost” backlink and add “follow” filter by page score descending sorting. Doing this will help you know the biggest losses. Try to reach owners to get back “Backlinks from trusted domains”.

link building examples

Backlinking is one of the most essential points for enhancing Domain Authority

Step 3: Observe the right competitors for Link building ideas

Adopting someone else’s idea is not unethical, click the first link to see how  Link building strategies are beneficial. Many studies of ranking factors proved the high impact of referring domains on the way of evaluation of your site by Google. So, for choosing the right competitors for stealing the idea!  First ignore Wikipedia type giants, look for resources where the target audience spends time, from there you will get whose referral domain to analyze. Using organic competitors’ report you can find more competitors and generate a new backlink analytics report by clicking a competitor’s domain by going to referring domains tab and viewing competitors’ site.

backlink checker

Step 4: Worthful content ideas

Many times people struggle for ‘what relevant content to create’ and decision in choosing one relevant content becomes difficult. It is troublesome in terms of time and money. As your everyday task is to convert visitors into regular customers but for that, you need to have traffic. 

Getting visibility and achieving top ranking on Google is time processing, so for the time being go for referral traffic. Indexed pages report of SEMrush will provide you “backlink attractive” content and also by typing the domain name of your competitor, you can look at what pages attract the huge number of links from a variety of domains. 

link building strategies

Step 5: Set “Alarm”

There could be cases of spamming actions, even after your regular examination and elimination of unwanted links. So, to put spammer out of action and eliminate unexpected spike from your backlink, you can use the backlink audit tool and turn on its notification to notify you in your inbox, so don’t miss that. 

link building sites

Step 6: Using redirects smartly for previously successful pages

Earning Backlinks for a particular product page is common and a great job but “what if” page stops working or product is gone and you missed that moment.

So here’s the case of “Sephora”

link building strategies 2019

1000 domains linked to their website page of hair-kit but the product is gone and of course the potential customers.

link building service

You can smartly deal with this situation by redirecting users to a similar page or at least product category. Apart from that, you should focus on your top-performing pages and its backlink generation, all of this is necessary to not to lose relations with existing clients or people linking to you for a future project. 

Step 7: Get rid of all toxic Backlinks

You can optimize this activity by using the Backlink audit tool, and you can check all back link in one place. And once setting up a Backlink audit, you will be having your Google Search Console and backlinks from the database on one table. All backlinks will be examined for more than 60 toxicity markers. If you identify toxic links, Connect website owners asking them to remove the link or transfer it to a disavow list or keep it if poses no threat.

Explore more about Google Search Console

Above are 7 ways of best SEO link building, if I missed anyway to mention, I would like to know about from you in the comment down below.

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