Deliver Technical SEO Service To Your Clients

You need to apply both artistic and scientific approach to grasp control of site’s technical SEO, providing a technical SEO service in India is not easy, not because of a lot of competitors but delivering of technical SEO demands something from SEO experts and that is a balance of knowledge, diligence and courage to be proficient.

SEO consultancy considers delivering technical SEO service intimidating, as technical SEO service looks heavy and unmanageable but if you really start from the right place and using the right strategies then grasping core concept is not far and within your reach to practice technical SEO Service.

Before we get to know the “Right” place to start, for delivering Technical SEO to clients, here are some Knowledge bytes on SEO.

For helping you to work with the technical side of your SEO service, here are five significant places you need to focus on. These steps deliver 80/20 of technical SEO, So lets start…

Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console 

Apart from setting up Google Analytics and other equally necessary web analytics platform, You can gather technical SEO capabilities and information about client’s site health by also establishing Google Search Console and Google’s Tag Manager. Using these platforms for site verification is not enough, you need to go beyond to define some KPI’S and conversion. This can be simple as monitoring organic traffic and submission of a form or can be as advanced as setting-conversion goals, store purchases, email signups, etc. Briefly stating without defining any conversion tracking, you will be just going blind.

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For measuring the client’s site success and delivering quality SEO service in India, using Google free tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console will definitely help you make ongoing improvements. Few elements need to be focused on are crawl errors, duplicate content, meta description, toxic links, etc.

Structured Data Markup

An integral part of delivering technical SEO service is structured data implementation, every technical SEO expert recommends employing Structured data markup or Schema, for best SEO Service delivery.

Using Schema Markup webmasters can better converse site’s content to search engines, Schema is considered as a unique form of markup because webmaster can tag page’s content’s certain elements with Schema( review, aggregate ratings, business location) which helps search engines to better interpret and show content to users.


Your site can enhance its ranking and visibility, if you properly use Schema markup and SERP features like rich snippets and other required features, as together they can bring great advantages. 

Regularly handle link toxicity

We all know bad quality links, is a barrier for the site’s ability to rank. Even if you manually built links with anchor text consist of keywords-stuffed, it carries a high chance of being deindexed or get removal from Google entirely.

Toxic links from spam source and on your site will 100% ruin credibility you built with trusted sites. So it’s better to throw or disavow links that act as a barrier in your ranking. Re-working on your link building strategies will truly help you with your technical SEO and its success.

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One SEO variable that’s out of control and needed to be controlled is backlinks. Spammy backlinks can come from everywhere. If you want your site to stay healthy or deliver your client a healthy site, regularly checking your site and solving an issue is a must.

Site health, Speed and Performance 

A tool that is mostly used by an industry expert is GTmetrix. Fundamentally this tool is used for getting an insight into the site’s speed, health, and site’s performance on SERPs and other recommendations regarding the site’s improvement.

Site speed is really a noteworthy ranking factor which is to be considered while your SEO project management, site speed is considered a ranking factor because Google wants to deliver the best user experience to search users. Fast loading sites get a good position while low loading sites go down and fail.

Apart from using the GTmetrix tool other tools like Google page speed and web. Dev is also helpful that helps in site improvement.  

For maintaining site health keeping crawl error minimum and regularly fixing 404 errors and correcting crawl optimization problems can direct you to deliver the best technical SEO services.

You can fix issues using the site audit tool from SEMrush

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Pages’ Canonicalization and audit robots.txt

Discovering same page’s multiple version or duplicate content is one issue that is virtually unavoidable. Here’s an example of it-

A site with multiple about page:

Search engines may look it like five different pages but actually, they all possess the same or duplicate content, which causes confusion, you can fix this with page’s canonicalization.

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Robot.txt file is a tool that is designed to communicate what should not be processed or crawled. It prevents search engines from crawling or indexing content. It’s a smart move if you audit a site’s Robots.txt file only if it aligns with your SEO objectives.

search engine roundtable

Also, keep in mind that not every crawler is equal, your pages can still be crawled and unlikely indexed, if you carry URLs “do not index” in the robot.txt file, you can chill as not everything in URL is crawled when measures your site.

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