5 common Objections & Response( to it), Search Engine Optimization

5 common Objections & Response( to it), Search Engine Optimization

In today’s blog, we are going to cover commonly known objections to SEO and how SEOs can counter those objections with facts, smartly. If you are an SEO and finds difficult convincing clients need of search engine optimization or you aspire to be an SEO expert or wants to provide best SEO training in Delhi/India, you’ll face a lot of people who misunderstand SEO, they can be your clients, friends, family. here’s how you should make them understand about SEO benefits and need, though the objection list is long you’ll read about 5 common rejections. Reason to understand the SEO process.  

technical skills required for seo analyst

5 most common objections:

Other channels drive traffic better than SEO- Other channels that these people talk about is PPC, Social media, Which people say bring more conversions and traffic, compare to SEO.  must remember that more you invest time, SEO knowledge, the greater success you’ll get and if you are investing time and money into PPC campaign, or social media, yes you will get success but having traffic organically is more beneficial because it reflects the efforts you put in.

Every channel has a different purpose like social media is for engagement and audience development, though it can be used for conversions but is not help always. So just be crystal clear that SEO is way more helpful than any other source.

Ads display on SERPs is more: SEO dead- It really depends on querying, means if you’ll only work on one side( bottom-funnel, high cost per click) and ignore the other side( organic result from SEO), you’ll feel that the other side has no value. Digital marketing experts say that most of the time when people search the internet they don’t even recognize that they see ads, these experts also say that only 2% to 3% search clicks go to PPC. HOW THESE BOTH THINGS CAN EXIST TOGETHER? Because most of the searches are for getting information, and that’s why it doesn’t trigger Ads. And people are smart, they research before buying and learn more about a product or compare it, so if you are only looking for the PPC ads and not the journey of the buyer, when it comes to SEO you’ll be discouraged.

Actually, the reality is both PPC and SEO are better together rather than working on only one side.

Organic traffic drove through SEO: Not right kind- This is the third common objection SEO face and people mean different things when they say that. The first thing people mean by saying not right kind is, the driven traffic is branded traffic or people knows about business already and searching business and finding it. Well, that’s true but that doesn’t mean that SEO isn’t valuable. There are examples that non-branded websites are also ranking on SERPs and at a good rate. You just need to work according to your audience and within no time you will receive traffic. See this case study of achieving 100,000 visitors in 12 months.

SEO takes longer time- This objection’s frequency is high, if you are really looking for instant results then SEO is not for you because SEO is not a growth hack. In SEO project management, experts focus on conversions, revenue , and growth and that’s how it works. SEO is not a tactic but a methodology. Once everything is baked you are going to achieve sustainable growth. And that how you can respond to people asking such questions.

Can’t predict ROI- IT’s kind of frustrating but here’s how you can predict ROI of SEO.

These are the common SEO objection SEOs faces but there are more. comment below if you know any .

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