Follow 7 Tips and Get Wordpress Website Indexed By Google

Follow 7 Tips and Get WordPress Website Indexed By Google


As everyone wants a place on the first page of Google but not everyone gets. Either you have an E-commerce website or brick and mortar location having visibility is essential for every business. If your site is not ranking and visible on search engines like Google. 

“why is my WordPress site not ranking?” the answer is, it is because it is not gaining ranking and visibility and to gain the visibility you need all search engines to index the WordPress site to make your blog or other resources searchable on Google. And to ensure that Google search crawler index your site, you need to work on your WordPress website. 

So here are some tips which enhance your chance of getting indexed by Google.

Invest in a quality hosting platform

First thing you need to focus on here is, quality of your host or hardware your site runs on, which is the first barrier from getting indexed. A website that is not functioning smoothly and inefficient on the backend means slow server speed and often disconnects is not on a quality website host and when Google crawler will crawl with this condition of your website, you may lose a chance of getting indexed.

So investing in a quality website hosting is smart and excellent.

But what else is there to increase the chance of indexing?

Pour quality content on your website

Building excellent content is something that is relevant to both readers and crawlers and you don’t just make crawler aware of your site, you do it in a good way. 

If your site’s content is containing keywords related to the topic and not keyword stuffing and consists of the right keywords in your title, URLs and necessary places, you are increasing the chance of getting indexed by search crawlers.

And if the content on your site is not relevant, though it might get indexed, there is no chance of getting near on the front page of SERPs.

Because Google wants to provide amazing user experience, it cares for relevancy and quality of content, so to make your WordPress blog searchable on Google, publish high-quality, related and original content.

Useful information: successful content creation

Correctly setting up Robot.txt

Robot.txt is an essential server tool that communicates on your behalf with search engines what it communicates is, part of the website you want them to get index or not index and you or developer do that by adding noindex and nofollow meta tags to control indexing during development process, its ok but problem commence when you forget to change it back. Click to know detailed instructions of correctly setting up robot.txt

Building quality links


An essential factor to put in the niche when building a website, earning backlinks is not easy but plenty of ways are available to earn backlinks some of which are- guest post blogging, social media influencer or developing business partnerships.

How link building is necessary for enhancing the chance of getting indexed? Links authenticate website’s authority to crawlers and also proof that your website produces quality content and if crawlers find other reputable websites linking back to you, your website is much closer to indexing.

Google Analytics usage

Google Analytics provides a deep insight into your website’s bounce rate, links, page views and when you sign up on Google Analytics, Google receives notification regarding your website and will consider it worth crawling and motivate crawler to index site quicker, with this information and installing the plugin on your WordPress website many things can be done.

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WordPress sitemap

wordpress sitemap plugin

A map where all of the web site’s content is mapped is known as a sitemap. So, when crawler gets access to the website, it gets information about new, changes made and others. You can create useful WordPress sitemap for crawlers with available plugins and these plugins will provide insight and help you improve readability, manage SEO.

Online content sharing

webmaster tools

For indexing your site, you must schedule your social media posts, as social media is an essential factor to sites ranking. Create audience likable content and share content to make it word of mouth. With more engagements, Google will receive positive signs about the content you produce and after indexing your site might appear in the top results. 

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