Faceapp, An AI-enabled Mobile App and Technology Behind This

Faceapp An AI enabled Mobile App and Technology Behind This

Everybody used Faceapp, your friends, family, and even celebrities. A mobile app like FaceApp going viral, Creat amusing moment for some time and being a part of such a moment is not a bad thing or in this case, joining FaceApp challenge but the question that concerns people is using FaceApp safe and What AI Technology is behind FaceApp? 

In this post, you’ll get not only these answers but also to know about the FaceApp algorithm. 

A Russian based wireless Lab-created FaceApp and operates it, FaceApp functions on using artificial intelligence which is used for showing realistic face transformation of pictures uploaded. Using the app user can transform a face look older, look younger or gender change and many other options in FaceApp PRO. In the below image you can see peak traffic for mid-July, which means searches for FaceApp.

Some information regarding FaceApp, its technology, and some results after you upload photos on FaceApp application.

What is FaceApp?

The app is relatively new and in the January 2017 app was launched on IOS and later on Android device. You can easily find it on Google Play and App store. Its been two years of launching this app, the FaceApp includes powerful face recognition capabilities and uses artificial intelligence.

Using FaceApp “ethnicity filters” users can change skin tone. Following the controversy developers and operators removed the filter. Until last month its most of the Fame was lost.

FaceApp Technology

FaceApp operators made some new changes in the FaceApp, which made some headlines. As one in the below image, functioning behind these changes are worth understanding not only to enhance knowledge regarding AI but also to take precaution in wild west digital world.

age my face online

As you can see the above image filter is ‘old age filter’ and this was trending last month. To show such photorealistic transformation (used in FaceApp), developers and operators used image recognition software.

To clearly understand images and videos, image recognition or computer vision allows an application to use a specific deep learning algorithm. In this case, an algorithm data(images) is inputted and an algorithm performs a requested task and outputs solution requested by the image.

If I explain it simply, consider it as snapchat filters but at a more advanced level. FaceApp uses deep learning technology to recognize human face key features for image recognition. Like this-

faceapp pc

Deep learning is the most advanced type of machine learning, today. For learning all the “face expression” of a human face, through the deep neural network image recognition feeds sample data using deep learning. 

In the case of FaceApp, pictures of celebrities, family, friends and yours, as everyone may have allowed the app to get access to the camera. More sample data means more accuracy in serving hyper-realistic images, like “old age filters” you are seeing on social media.

Other faceApp Functions

Clearly, those who created face app are talented persons as furnishing neural network asks the time, resource and deep knowledge. So, what else FaceApp can do?

If you’ll scroll through the app, you’ll find image manipulation options. For example, you can change hair colour, have a beard, or change hairstyle, alter facial expressions and change gender.

Look at this image-this is the power of deep neural and image recognition software.

faceapp pro apk

Fear of using FaceApp

Having a sceptical attitude is good because it is important to concern over users’ privacy. In the case of face app, there were posts warning us regarding FaceApp getting access to a gallery and camera. But in our devices, many apps have ‘read and write’ access we are not aware of as we just accept ‘terms and conditions’(gives consent) without reading it. After installing, be sure to read terms and conditions regarding your photo usage by the app. If your device is IOS, by going to settings you can actually see, how your camera roll is being used by FaceApp 

face app pro download

If you want to disable app access to camera roll, simply shift the button.Artificial intelligence advancements are never going back and it will upgrade further, read more about Are AI CHATBOTS are BOON Over Human ??

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