How Industrial Training Can Boost Your Career Growth?

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I hope you have heard of Industrial Training that is taken during semester breaks by several students. 

It is the most organized way of enhancing knowledge and mastering the skills to be prepared for the real corporate industry.

Moreover, B.Tech summer training is an indispensable part of the academic curriculum of engineering students.

Let us quickly learn what exactly is industrial training means:

Industrial Training

Industrial training is when a student begins a period of training with an organization generally during a semester break, serves as an important part of developing the student for a professional career. This is designed to give you an overview of the industry environment in your profession.

 This Industry based training can be practice out either in government organizations or in the private sector. To boost your career you must opt for internships.

   You may find many industrial training institutes in Delhi NCR providing online and offline training but you must choose that covers all the important modules and have experienced faculty to train you.

Well, here I would like to recommend you visit CTCDC, the premium Digital Marketing Institute that offers Industrial training courses with live projects containing  40 comprehensive modules to its trainees.

Why it is important?

In today’s world, simply having a degree is no guarantee of employment, nor is it a true sign of the individual’s competence in a job.

It is here Industrial training program assists graduates in gaining current and relevant knowledge, practical experience, soft skills and a positive attitude which enables them to be competitive in the job market. They must possess the basic knowledge and skills before they step out into the working world. 

The Industrial Training component of the undergraduate program frames a vital element in the approach to strengthen the key competencies needed to improve the graduates’ ability to work.

Objective of 6-Months Industrial Training

  • The main aim of the Industrial Training program is to design graduates who are ready to face the working world. The program also aims to mold knowledgeable, and skilled graduates, demanded by employers, who are able to apply the knowledge grabbed at college to the practical world.  
  • With the help of Industrial Training program, students get opportunities to step in the working world, which will help graduates more knowledgeable of the goals and expectations that industry could demand from them. The program will also furnish students with real work experience.
  • Interaction with the corporate world during studies also boosts their chances of employment after graduation, as there is a sharp possibility that they will be offered a job in the same place where they do their training. 
  • Besides this, the training experience will further solidify the on-campus learning method and activities, while also presenting students with experience in the relevant field.

Core benefits of Industrial Training program:

  • Industrial training gives the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills students have acquired in a real-life work situation.
  • This training exposes students to the work environment, common practices, employment opportunities and work ethics in the relevant field.
  • Students will get work experience while they are studying their chosen subject.
  • It aids in  inculcating soft skills related to the needs of employers,
  • Students who opt for internship can compete effectively in the job market as they have been equipped with the requisite skills, attitude, knowledge and practical experience
  • To provide limitless opportunities for students to be offered jobs in the same organizations where they undergo Industrial Training.
  • Students will be able to advance their knowledge and skills important to their area of study
  • With Industrial training, students can relate the knowledge and skills acquired at the workplace, to their on-campus studies

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Scope of Industrial Training:

The certain kind of jobs and duties for trainees must be decided by the employer. It is assumed that students will be given duties correlated to their field of study, so as to ensure that they have the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired in that field, as well as to expose them to normal work practices in the field. Students must be supervised by the employer, to ensure that they receive relevant guidance, as well as constructive feedback about their improvement during the period of Industrial Training.

I hope this blog has helped you get an overview of Industrial training and its importance in building careers.

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