Why Text Structure is Important for SEO?

The structure of the texts on your site is very important for SEO. If your content is clearly structured, your chance to rank well in Google are going to be higher. In this blog post, I’ll tell you why text structure is important .

How do people scan a text?

Before deciding whether or not read something, people tend to scan a text. They need to grasp what your text is about, before beginning to read it all the way through.

There are some parts that individuals check out or read specifically when scanning a text. Headings and subheadings are really important, as is that the first paragraph of a text. But, also the primary sentences of each new paragraph catch the attention of scanners.

How does Google “scan” a text?

Just like people scan texts in a very certain way, so does Google. Let me offer you 3 samples of how Google uses text structure for its ranking:

  • Google defined, in a number of its patents, ranking signals like semantic closeness. Semantic closeness refers to the proximity of related words in text while taking under consideration the formatting of that text. To able to understand semantic closeness of words, your text’s structure must be clear.
  • Google explicitly talks about headings. Headings containing certain keywords are important for the subject of a given page.
  • With the Hummingbird update, Google became too better at recognizing synonyms.

There are more patents that hint at using the text’s structure to grasp the text. Google, over time, has become far better at analyzing content. The higher you write, the better it becomes for Google to know your content and thus to rank it. Plus, Google is functioning hard to actually understand language. For example, in 2019, Google introduced BERT, a language Processing (NLP) model that helps Google understand language better so as to serve more relevant results.

Setting up articles with clear structure contains a positive effect on the ranking for an additional reason also . Well-structured texts have lower bounce rates and more chances to receive social media attention. This, in itself, ends up in higher rankings.

Tips on improving the structure of your text:
If you would like to enhance the structure of your text, you need to concentrate to:

  1. The Primary Paragraph of your text
  2. Your Headings
  3. The Primary Sentence of each new Paragraph.

Some time ago, I wrote a paragraph on a way to established the structure of a blog post. ensure to read that article if you have trouble in fixing up the structure for a text.

First paragraph:

You should clearly formulate what your post is about within the first paragraph. In printed texts, a writer usually starts off with some quite teaser, but there’s no time for that if you’re writing for the web. you simply have seconds to draw your reader’s attention. Check that the primary paragraph tells the main message of your post. That way, you create it easy for your reader to figure out what your post is about and: you tell Google what your post is about. this is also called the inverted pyramid style. Don’t forget to place your focus keyword in that first paragraph!

Focus keyword in first paragraph:Another reason to possess the focus keyword in your first paragraph is simple psychology. People recognize the word they searched for and think they’re in the right spot!


Headings should be attractive and will clearly state the content of the paragraph below it. Headings allow your readers to quickly scan through your text and to choose whether or not they’d prefer to read your article (or which parts). we’d advise you to place a header above every long paragraph (or above a group of paragraphs which are thematically similar).

Core sentences:

Make sure the primary sentence of a paragraph is the most vital , the core sentence, of that paragraph. After all, people tend to read the primary sentence of each new paragraph as they’re scanning through content. the opposite sentences in a paragraph elaborate upon that first core sentence. chances are high that Google pays extra attention to those sentences, so as to see the subject of a text. they’re great places to use your keyword, if possible. If you’re writing a well-structured article and staying on the topic, your keyword will naturally come up in many core sentences.


Text structure is very important to attract readers to your blog, similarly as for SEO reasons. Writing well-structured and well-written texts isn’t easy, though. At Our Best Digital Marketing Services Company, we are strong believers within the importance of quality content.

That’s why the readability analysis makes a part of CTCDC and we offer a SEO training course. During this SEO training, We teach you ways to write down the most effective copy for your audience and search engines, and the way to structure your text well!

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We are a Premium Digital Marketing training institute which provides training to corporate, professional students. besides this, we have also started a comprehensive certificate program on web designing and web development. bookish knowledge is futile until it is backed by hands-on-experience, keeping the view in mind. we are also providing training to aspiring interns. yes, one who clear about their ambition.

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