5 Tips To Improve Your Branding

Branding is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. If you develop an awesome branding strategy, people will get to understand your brand, your company, and your website. during this post, i’ll first explain what branding is and why it can assist you with your SEO. then , I’ll give 5 practical tips you’ll use to improve your own branding strategy.

What is branding?

Branding is the process of creating a transparent , unique image of your product or your company. Your audience have to be able to recognize your brand. Whether it’s a post on Facebook, your newsletter or the merchandise section on your website, the image of your brand should be uniform.

Branding is difficult. in order to set up a successful branding strategy, you must first have a clear vision in mind what your brand is about: what’s your mission? What values are important? Which style fits your brand (formal/informal)? What does your preferred audience look like?

Why is branding important for SEO?

If you created a high-quality branding strategy, optimizing your site for search engines will become much easier. It increases the chances that your preferred audience will get to understand your brand. Your brand could then become an incentive to click on your link within the search results (even if you’re not within the top three!). And, if you are doing your branding rather well , people will start checking out your brand also . It’ll be more easier to rank for your brand, than for a lot of other search terms.

In order to assist you to set up a successful branding strategy yourself, i’ll share 5 practical tips:

Tip 1: Stay consistent
The most important thing when it comes to branding is to remain consistent. Develop a definite style and continue it! Design a logo, and stick to it! Phrase your mission and stick with it! If you’re consistent within the way you present your brand to your audience, people will eventually start to remember and to recognize your brand.

Tip 2: Make a tagline and make it visible
Your tagline phrases a very important message about your brand or your product in a very single sentence. ensure it stands out on your website. You can, for example, place a tagline below your brand. The tagline of Yoast is: SEO for everybody .

If possible, attempt to make your taglines clear and appealing, and have a true picture of your audience as you’re selecting your tagline. Use a number of words to clearly describe what your site’s all about. It can help to use sentences that imply an action for the users, to activate them. counting on your site and business, you’ll also plan to show your personality in your tagline, for example using wordplay or a pun to form it catchy (keep it clear and don’t overdo it, though).

Tip 3: Use images
Images are a very important of your branding strategy. you’ll use pictures and illustrations on your website, in your newsletter, on Facebook or in (printed) advertisements. in fact , you should certify your images suit your brand. If you sell ballet shoes, you must probably not use pictures of wild animals within the jungle. You’ll want to use pictures that express elegance and beauty .

If you consistently pick illustrations and photos that suit your brand, your audience will eventually recognize and remember your brand from simply watching your pictures. At Yoast, we work with two illustrators in order to create unique illustrations that give the Yoast feel to our audience.

If you utilize your own photos, you’ll attempt to develop an identical style. You can, for example, ensure all of your pictures have identical dimensions, use the same way of editing or use similar pictures. as an example, when sharing posts on Facebook, we always put a text bar on our images. We include the title of our post and also the Yoast writer of the post author. That ensures consistency for all of our Facebook posts.

Tip 4: Use your brand
Make sure your brand will become familiar to your audience. which means you must use that brand! Perhaps you’ll use your brand name in one in all your products like we do in Yoast SEO. ensure to use your brand in your newsletter and in your (Facebook) posts. People should hear and read your brand regularly!

Tip 5: Use your logo
Your logo is very importance to your branding strategy. Branding is quite designing an awesome logo, though (that’s why this is the ultimate tip and not the primary one I share). Ideally, your logo should stand out. It should be something people recognize with none context. Designing a logo doesn’t need to be too expensive. Go inspect 99designs for instance!

Once you’ve got a kickass logo, ensure to use it! Present it to your audience: on your website, in your newsletter, on Facebook: everywhere! Don’t forget to use it as fav icon for your site. a short while ago, Google added favicons to mobile search results. it’s been experimenting with showing them for desktop results, too. you’ll imagine it’s good for your visibility if your logo is included within the results pages, as favicon.

The colors you select for your logo are of great importance also . ensure to use these colors consistently: in your newsletter, on your website, in images. If you employ a similar colors everywhere, they’ll become a part of your brand. People will recognize your brand just by watching the colours in your newsletter or in your Facebook post.

If you develop a great branding strategy, people will remember and recognize your brand. Within the end of the day , your logo or brand will be something that immediately evokes (positive) emotions. As people get more aware of your brand, your SEO will get easier also . Therefore, combining your SEO strategy with an awesome branding strategy is that the way to go!

Published by ACHAL SHARMA

We are a Premium Digital Marketing training institute which provides training to corporate, professional students. besides this, we have also started a comprehensive certificate program on web designing and web development. bookish knowledge is futile until it is backed by hands-on-experience, keeping the view in mind. we are also providing training to aspiring interns. yes, one who clear about their ambition.

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