7 SEO Processes for Increase PageRank/Domain Authority

A flood tide lifts all ships — and it’s similar story with increased site authority. What factors are affected after improving PageRank or Domain Authority, and how?

We know in SEO, we love links. Everybody wants links. But why? What do links do for you? They do a surprising amount of work for you that we sometimes do not realize . So why did we decide PageRank and Domain Authority?

Well, these are both algorithms that measure link power, both the number of links and also the quantity of links. PageRank being Google’s algorithm to rank websites based on popularity and importance. Domain Authority, which Google doesn’t use, just to be clear, Domain Authority measures both link quantity and quality.

For our purposes, we can basically use them within the same conversation. We’re talking about the ability of your links.

Ranking ability:

The first thing that everyone knows about is links help you rank. they assist you rank in many, many ways. You’ll get higher rankings, you’ll attack more competitive keywords.

A good thing i prefer to do is, when I’m trying to check if I can rank for a keyword, simply Google it, check the Page Authority, which could be a very similar metric, of all the highest ranking pages, see what your Page Authority is for your top ranking keywords, and you’ll quite have a reasonably good idea if you’ve got an ability to rank for that keyword.

Crawl budget:

But then we get more benefits of getting that link, one among the most important being crawl budget.

When you have more link, Google will crawl more of your pages. If you only have a couple of links and a billion pages on your website, it’s about to be very difficult to get Google to crawl and index all those million pages. If you’re eBay or Amazon or Google or a site with like a 100 Domain Authority, yes, you might be ready to attract Google to crawl those million pages.

Indexation speed:

Google will crawl them faster. you’ll get Google to crawl your pages with low Domain Authority, but it’s about to take a short time for Google to visit those again. So then we get into the thought of indexation speed. With a better Domain Authority, Google is going to crawl and index your content typically much faster than they’d without.

So if you have a page that you have updated recently, you are going to examine Google update it quicker the more authority that page has. Also you are going to check this in the SERPs. If you have got outdated title tags or meta descriptions, you’ll ask Google to crawl it via the Submit URL tool. But generally, the more authority a page has, the more incoming link power, you are going to examine those things updated most quicker than you’d with low link equity.

More powerful links:

This is my favorite one. With increased link, your own links become more powerful, and this provides you incredible ranking power because your internal links, that you’re linking to yourself, become more powerful with that link equity. So it makes everything easier to rank. the simplest link building you’ll do once you have high authority is linking to yourself, and it is so easy.

But also the links that you link resolute others also become more valuable, which causes you to a more attractive target.

Insulation from bad links:

My friend Everett Sizemore came up with that word “insulation.” With better link equity, you’re somewhat protected from a few of bad links. Now if you’ve got low link equity and you get a bunch of spam links to your site, your risk of penalization or being impacted by negative SEO increases pretty high.

But if you have a million links, a few of bad links just aren’t going to hurt you. an honest way to believe this is ratios, because, of course, anybody can get penalized. Anybody can suffer the implications of bad links. But if those bad links only make up a little portion, meaning a small ratio, then you’re somewhat insulated by the impact of these bad links.

Less over-optimization:

Now Google says they does not have an over-optimization penalty. But anecdotally, many SEOs understand that if you are a small site, you’re just starting out, it’s totally easy to over-optimize for keywords with exact match anchor text and not rank. The key usually: in SEO, you want lots of variety.

With lots of links, that variety is far easier to urge , and you’ve got much less risk of over-optimization in linking internally with exact match anchor text. You’ll escape with lots more with higher Domain Authority than you’ll with less Domain Authority. That’s kind of the key to this whole thing. With higher Domain Authority, you simply escape with lots more. it is the idea of the rich getting richer.

The flywheel effect:

When you have more links, everything gets easier. Once you start ranking and other people start seeing you in the SERPs, you are going to get more links from that content, and more links are going to equal more ranking and also the wheel is just about to keep turning and turning. You can also opt for Digital Marketing services to increase ranking of your pages & Domain authority. Because When there are many links The page rank will increase & Domain authority will also start increasing.

More people want to link with you and work with you. You’re also reaching to get lots more spam requests and link requests and things like that, so it isn’t fun. But generally, the more Domain Authority you have, the more PageRank you’ve got , The simpler life is going to get, and you just want to begin building it up day after day after day.

With the help of Digital Marketing you can also enhance your business with high ranking on SERPs.

Hope you enjoyed it. We’ll ask you next time. Thanks, everybody.

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