How to Convert Your Social Media Leads?

Getting people to interact with you on social media is simply the primary step; next, you also want to show them into leads. And even better, convert them into customers.

At the top of the day, you would like to understand how much social media contributes to your company’s bottom line through acquired customers and sales. Without this important information, it’s difficult to calculate your social media ROI.

Of course, a majority of companies engage in social media marketing. But most of them can only boost of metrics that have little to do with sales. To ensure, you can drive your social media leads from the top of your sales funnel to the lowest, you need the correct tools.

In this blog post, i’ll share 4 powerful tools that may help you convert your social media leads into buyers.

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The first step to convert your leads is to truly get to understand them. With detailed knowledge of your prospects, it becomes easy to send the proper marketing messages and offers to convert them to customers.

This is what you accomplish by using CANDDi. First of all, this tool tracks every visitor on your website and their referrer. This way, you’ll identify social media leads.

Even more, you’ll find details such as:

  • The name of your visitor
  • Location
  • Lead grade and score
  • Time spent on site

The lead’s employer (company)

With these details, you have insights you’ll apply while nurturing these leads. Furthermore, there’s an outline of a lead where you get even more details. The most important feature of this tool is a profile captures more details as you interact with the lead.

Moreso, CANDDi Capture allows you to accumulate more information about your leads through pop-ups. you’ll get feedback through surveys and send important downloads to leads. Also, you’ll specify these pop-ups for specific leads.

Another useful feature is the real-time data you get for every lead. Plus, you have the choice to line up alerts and receive visitor reports. For better lead, CANDDi allows you to integrate with email marketing, CRM, and live chat tools.

CANDDi is GDPR compliant and allows effective tracking of promoting ROI so you’ll do more of what works.


To improve your conversion rate, testing is an unavoidable step. Through this, you can find variations of your pages that convert your visitors best. Fortunately, VWO provides those features which make running experiments easy.

This tool give you the authority to run A/B, multivariate, and split URL tests. Another useful feature is its visual editor which makes it easy to vary elements on a page.

Furthermore, you’ll run tests in keeping with a visitor’s behaviour on your website. You’ll find targeting options like page scroll percent, time spent on page, exit intent, and you’ll even set a custom trigger.

Which areas do visitors come at most on your website? you’ll answer this by using the heatmaps and recording features. Then, you’ll get insights on where to position the most important page elements.

To understand your test results deeply, you have the power to segment your tests based on social traffic, referral traffic, direct traffic, and more. Likewise, you’ll track the impact of your A/B tests across your sales funnel to examine its effect on sales.


One of the most effective ways to convert your social media results in sales is to nurture them with the proper content on your website. Evergage provides the tools to realize this.

First of all, you’ll personalize your content based on the referral source which is social media. you’ll even take it further to every social media channel.

What are visitors from Facebook likely to read? What of those from Twitter? except showing some pieces of content to visitors from social media, Evergage also uses its machine learning algorithm to observe a visitor’s behaviour on your website.

As a results,Evergage will recommend unique content to every visitor.

Also, this tool allows you to conduct A/B tests on headlines and other page elements to search out the best-performing version.

If you run an eCommerce website, it will recommend products to visitors based on their recent views or purchases. With Evergage, you’ll personalize content for your social media ends up in increase their chances of conversion.

Zoho CRM:

Even when you capture leads through social media, you may need to interact with them on other channels like your website, email, phone calls, etc. before they become customers.

Zoho CRM makes this process easy as you’ll track all interactions with a lead in your sales funnel. After capturing a lead, you’ll nurture the lead through email or interact with them through your social media profiles. Also, there’s a lead source field that permits you to point a lead is from social media.

Additionally, you’ll came upon lead scoring rules to get the proper results in target. If you have a marketing team, it’s easy to assign results in your marketers according to the lead source.

This means you’ll assign leads from social media to a particular marketer. Consequently, you can account accurately for conversions from social media leads.

With the E-mail campaign feature, you have the choice to make segmented email campaigns for your social media leads. Zoho CRM provides you the way to effectively move your leads through the nurturing process until they become customers.

Converting your social media leads into customers requires lots of labor . First, You have to convince them to follow you. Then, to interact with you on social media. and finally, you need to induce them to your website – but what happens once they get there?

There are many other option like you can go for Social Media Marketing by which you can generate leads for your business.

I suggest you to explore the tools outlined during this article to help you nurture your social media leads and convert them into customers.

Published by ACHAL SHARMA

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