Top 5 Trends in Digital Marketing in 2020

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Welcome to the CTCDC Blog Section! Today, through this blog, I will take you through some of the most important trends in digital marketing in the year 2020. If you wish to take your business one step ahead of your competitors, then you surely wouldn’t wish to ignore these trends. So, let’s get started. 

Top Trends: 

Nowadays, digital marketing is of utmost importance for the promotion of any business, industry, product or service. No business can survive for long without doing online marketing of its business. Digital Marketing does not solely mean just to have a website of your business rather it is much more than designing and promoting a website. In the current year 2020, many new and advanced tools and techniques are expected to take place in the area of digital marketing which a marketer will have to adopt in order to keep his business in line with the latest development. One is left with no option other than adapting to these new technologies, else he is bound to be left behind in this era of cut-throat competition. Now let’s take a look at these top trends.

  1. Facebook is no longer the apex of Social Media: This is no second thought about the fact that Facebook used to be the apex of Social Media. But in recent years, it has lost its popularity amongst its users especially the younger generation. The younger generation is more inclined towards the more interactive platforms of social media like Tik Tok, Snapchat, and Instagram. So, it becomes very important for marketers to understand that Facebook is not the right platform if their target audience is of a young age. Instead, they will have to use other platforms where the young generation is predominantly present. 
  2. Instagram is gaining more popularity: As per the latest statistics, there has been a tremendous increase in the users of Instagram. Today, it has become one of the popular platforms of Social Media especially with the people of the younger generation as compared to Facebook. Hence, digital marketers can use this platform immensely if their target audience is of a young age group. 
  3. Video Marketing is a must: 2020 will see a lot of changes in the tools and techniques that a marketer uses for promoting his business. The biggest change will be in the tools that he uses for doing the same. Nowadays, Video Marketing has gained much popularity and it gives instant results, as it creates a direct connection with the target audience and a marketer. A marketer can convey his message easily through a small video. So, Video Marketing is definitely trending and a must to-be-used tool by any marketer. You can also join our Video Marketing Course to enhance your business. 
  4. Strong Content still rules: It has been rightly said that strong content is the backbone of any marketing campaign. No matter how much time or money one invests in his marketing campaign, but if his content is not catchy and strong, then all the marketing efforts are definitely going to go in drain. Content Marketing is definitely going to rule in 2020 as well. to Ger all the tricks of Content Marketing, You can Join our Content Marketing Course or You want to enhance your ranking, then you can opt Content Marketing Services.
  5. Marketing on multiple platforms: Unlike the old days where marketing could be done by using any of the one or two traditional marketing platforms, this is definitely going to change in 2020. Now marketers will have to use multiple channels of doing digital marketing like SEO, social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, and many others. 

So, as we can see how fast the developments and changes are taking place in the field of digital marketing. So start adopting the fast-moving changes or you will be left behind in today’s competitive world.
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