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Today I am going to talk about the most interactive channel of Digital Marketing i.e. Youtube Marketing. If you wish to know about the basics of Youtube Marketing and plan to get started on it, then this blog will be of great help to you. 

As we all know, over the last many years, Digital Marketing has immensely taken over the traditional Marketing Tools. Now every business, product or service and even an event can be promoted digitally. Digital Marketing Services uses many efficient tools to promote a business. Let’s take a quick look at what all these tools are. 

Tools of Digital Marketing:

Overview of Youtube:

Youtube is an important part of Video Marketing. It involves marketing through interactive videos. Youtube is a video-based platform that hosts a million videos. It allows us to upload and share videos globally. Youtube’s search engine along with google’s search engine help in finding the desired content video instantly on one click. 

Benefits of Youtube Marketing:

  • Heavy Reach: The videos uploaded and shared on Youtube reach every corner of the world. Anyone can access those.
  • Affordable: Marketing on Youtube is very affordable. One doesn’t need a huge investment in making a video and uploading it on Youtube.
  • Measurability: The main benefit of doing Youtube Marketing is that it is very easy to analyze the success of Youtube marketing campaigns through Google Analytics. It gives complete information on the number of persons who have watched the video, the new customers who got linked to the business through Youtube Marketing. 
  • Direct Connection: Marketing through Youtube allows the marketer to build a direct connection with the desired audience. With the help of strong video content, he can directly motivate the customers to buy his product or avail of his service.
  • Customer Feedback: Youtube is a very effective platform for getting the feedback of the customers. Customers can directly give their feedback in the comment section, like or dislike by pressing the respective buttons. 
  • Diverts Traffic: Youtube is a great source of generating traffic and diverting it to the website. If customers like the videos of a particular company, then they are very much likely to click on the website link given on the video.

Steps in Youtube Marketing:

  1. Create an account on Youtube. 
  2. Identify your targeted audience and learn about their preferences.
  3. Perform detailed research on your prospective competitors. Understand the strategy they follow while marketing on Youtube. 
  4. Learn Video Marketing techniques from any of your favorite channels. 
  5. Prepare a video for your content and optimize it for SEO.
  6. Upload the video and analyze the results. 

Guidelines for Youtube Marketing:

  1. The ‘Title’ word limit is up to 25 characters. 
  2. Two ‘Descriptions’ can be added. The limit of each of the descriptions is 35 characters.
  3. Grammar and spellings should be correct.
  4. Copyright videos cannot be posted.
  5. Harmful or dangerous content cannot be shared.
  6. Content leading to harassment or cyberbullying is prohibited. 
  7. Violent or Hateful content is also not permitted. 
  8. Respect Privacy.

For any doubts/queries/comments relating to this blog, please leave a message in the comment section below. If you wish to learn more about Digital Marketing and want to take your business one step forward, join CTCDC – Premium Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi.You can also opt for the Best Digital Marketing Services to enhance your Business.

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