Spring is commonly related to a fresh, new, clean start and a renewed sense of life. For many, this getting eliminate the old and in with the new takes on the shape of spring cleaning. While you’ll be considering the house, why not consider refreshing and reviving your business’ website? in the end, your websiteContinue reading “SPRING CLEAN YOUR WEBSITE”

How Industrial Training Can Boost Your Career Growth?

Hello peers,           It’s my pleasure to catch you here! I hope you have heard of Industrial Training that is taken during semester breaks by several students.  It is the most organized way of enhancing knowledge and mastering the skills to be prepared for the real corporate industry. Moreover, B.Tech summer training is an indispensable partContinue reading “How Industrial Training Can Boost Your Career Growth?”

Best CMS For Website Creation: Comparing WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and, More

If you are new to the scene of eCommerce and want to build an online website on a Content Management System (CMS) then this blog measures the pros and cons of all the best CMS available for use to developers, marketers as well as agencies. Surely, there are literally thousands of open source CMS butContinue reading “Best CMS For Website Creation: Comparing WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and, More”

Bigger Picture on Ad Spend on Marketing through

” Digital Platform “ Have you come across the Digital campaigns running for 2019 Lok – Sabha elections? There was a huge spend on Digital Marketing for campaigns, news shows the figure of 53 crores in Feb and May 15 spend by Political Parties on Digital Campaigns. According to the Facebook Ad Library Report, thereContinue reading “Bigger Picture on Ad Spend on Marketing through”

How to Generate Traffic through Free & Paid Promotions

If you have a website or you are planning to create one, its promotion and marketing is a major concern for every marketer. In this digital era , Entrepreneur & Business owner wants to build company profile online and gain clients. There are number of ways to stand out in a competitive world and gainContinue reading “How to Generate Traffic through Free & Paid Promotions”

Lead Generation through Social Media

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss the facts about lead generation through social media. In today’s world neglecting a social media means giving a negative growth to your business. As anyone before purchasing goods searches it online through different sites. After that there will be similar ads on their social media, google, andContinue reading “Lead Generation through Social Media”