Machine Learning and Mobile Device Connectivity Optimization

You must have experienced this common universal experience, that your phone is hanging and not functioning at a critical time. For example, you are using your phone for navigation and at a critical moment like ‘which way to go’ your phone is hanging and showing no connection. In Europe companies like Deutsche Telekom are focused on eliminating such problems by machine learning network management and machine learning algorithm, based on dynamic cloud infrastructure, to make consumers mobile connectivity experience.

You can actually download the Deutsche Telekom CONNECT app, from the ios App Store and Google Play launched the previous year. So that consumers can optimize connectivity based on cost or performance.


If you want to avoid slow performance or above like situation, then choosing ‘best network’ setting, is best. Where the app, to provide better experience automatically switches to cellular network from the Wi-Fi hotspot.  

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

The architect responsible for bringing ‘CONNECT’ app backend infrastructure of Deutsche Telecom is Oliver Goldich and team. He stated the project of ‘CONNECT’ was started in 2015 and began with investigating connectivity solutions and controlling an emerging telecommunication standard called the Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF). But this standard was not only old-fashioned but was inflexible too and for this project Goldich told, they needed a dynamic rule engine(for dynamic monitoring and decision-making) that could not support by protocol.

So to adopt advanced data analytics and machine learning, Goldich and team required new kind and they began sourcing the component to reach there. And they found Mesosphere DC/OS, which was already a proven platform and was best to complete the “CONNECT” project. On a DC/OS service layer, Goldich and team built a network speed test app and the user was allowed to do a simple speed check. And to validate their approach Deutsche Telekom collect and analyzed that user data, later on.

Selection of Cloud Provider

For speed test automation and improving user experience, Goldich, and the team started to create infrastructure requirements, as results looking positive. So for developing machine learning capabilities, scaling was necessary and scaling cloud capabilities needed to be added and was significant to do so without vendor lock-in, Goldich stated. 

Goldich noted complications arise with the cloud. As deploying to an on-premise data center, there existed a DevOps process, that wouldn’t have worked with machine learning stack, Goldich and team want to adopt.

For setting up DC/OS environments with new CI/CD capabilities, they choose Microsoft Azure. It was a good step choosing a cloud provider like that as if they choose to move providers in the future, they don’t need to re-architect the applications. With DC/OS applications can be moved to preferred infrastructure such as cloud, bare metal, or on-premise, along with less minimal effort.

Deutsche Telekom maintains a high rate of utilization by the use of elastic cloud resources, which is allowed by DC/OS and also eliminates the need to create virtual machine. The high rate of utilization currently averages more than 75% CPU utilization on their production cluster.

You can get access to all of the open-source data by DC/OS, that’s what Deutsche Telecom needed. And further Deutsche was able to perform data collection at scale and analysis of network speed tests in real-time.

ELK Stack

To supplement their data science Deutsche use “ELK Stack” which means, Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana and for AI-powered application performance monitoring partnered with Instana, for getting full deep insight into the health of their technology services.

deep reinforcement learning

When everything was set in place, Deutsche Telekom launched CONNECT app, at the end of 2017 and to 156 million mobile customers, providing better connectivity experiences. To collect data on the hundreds of available hotspots, Deutsche Telekom performs an automated speed test.

Developers time to time do incremental improvements and DC/OS allows developers to do so for customers because machine learning models evolve continuously. The big goal here is to include predictive analytics, determining when certain cellular networks or hotspots are normally overcrowded and shifting network usage accordingly.but for now, CONNECT app is focused on Deutsche Telekom’s network of hotspots.

Faceapp, An AI-enabled Mobile App and Technology Behind This

Everybody used Faceapp, your friends, family, and even celebrities. A mobile app like FaceApp going viral, Creat amusing moment for some time and being a part of such a moment is not a bad thing or in this case, joining FaceApp challenge but the question that concerns people is using FaceApp safe and What AI Technology is behind FaceApp? 

In this post, you’ll get not only these answers but also to know about the FaceApp algorithm. 

A Russian based wireless Lab-created FaceApp and operates it, FaceApp functions on using artificial intelligence which is used for showing realistic face transformation of pictures uploaded. Using the app user can transform a face look older, look younger or gender change and many other options in FaceApp PRO. In the below image you can see peak traffic for mid-July, which means searches for FaceApp.

Some information regarding FaceApp, its technology, and some results after you upload photos on FaceApp application.

What is FaceApp?

The app is relatively new and in the January 2017 app was launched on IOS and later on Android device. You can easily find it on Google Play and App store. Its been two years of launching this app, the FaceApp includes powerful face recognition capabilities and uses artificial intelligence.

Using FaceApp “ethnicity filters” users can change skin tone. Following the controversy developers and operators removed the filter. Until last month its most of the Fame was lost.

FaceApp Technology

FaceApp operators made some new changes in the FaceApp, which made some headlines. As one in the below image, functioning behind these changes are worth understanding not only to enhance knowledge regarding AI but also to take precaution in wild west digital world.

age my face online

As you can see the above image filter is ‘old age filter’ and this was trending last month. To show such photorealistic transformation (used in FaceApp), developers and operators used image recognition software.

To clearly understand images and videos, image recognition or computer vision allows an application to use a specific deep learning algorithm. In this case, an algorithm data(images) is inputted and an algorithm performs a requested task and outputs solution requested by the image.

If I explain it simply, consider it as snapchat filters but at a more advanced level. FaceApp uses deep learning technology to recognize human face key features for image recognition. Like this-

faceapp pc

Deep learning is the most advanced type of machine learning, today. For learning all the “face expression” of a human face, through the deep neural network image recognition feeds sample data using deep learning. 

In the case of FaceApp, pictures of celebrities, family, friends and yours, as everyone may have allowed the app to get access to the camera. More sample data means more accuracy in serving hyper-realistic images, like “old age filters” you are seeing on social media.

Other faceApp Functions

Clearly, those who created face app are talented persons as furnishing neural network asks the time, resource and deep knowledge. So, what else FaceApp can do?

If you’ll scroll through the app, you’ll find image manipulation options. For example, you can change hair colour, have a beard, or change hairstyle, alter facial expressions and change gender.

Look at this image-this is the power of deep neural and image recognition software.

faceapp pro apk

Fear of using FaceApp

Having a sceptical attitude is good because it is important to concern over users’ privacy. In the case of face app, there were posts warning us regarding FaceApp getting access to a gallery and camera. But in our devices, many apps have ‘read and write’ access we are not aware of as we just accept ‘terms and conditions’(gives consent) without reading it. After installing, be sure to read terms and conditions regarding your photo usage by the app. If your device is IOS, by going to settings you can actually see, how your camera roll is being used by FaceApp 

face app pro download

If you want to disable app access to camera roll, simply shift the button.Artificial intelligence advancements are never going back and it will upgrade further, read more about Are AI CHATBOTS are BOON Over Human ??

5 Tips SEO Tools Won’t Communicate

Nowadays, one way or another every SEO professionals stay dependent on SEO tools, which helps in SEO management and saves most of SEO experts time and also serves with the best insights or data.

The mix tools used by SEOs are either those on which SEO experts relied most of the time or new emerging tools. And with emerging demand for these SEO tool platforms, the cost of using these is also increasing. This dependency on search engine optimization tools is a challenge to our SEO way of thinking. 

5 tips SEO tool won’t communicate to us that’s important for our SEO project Management.

Your Goals

No doubt, SEO tools support in your research. Either you want to do keyword research, competitors research or auditing tool to optimize your website accordingly and solving technical issues. And data that we get from these tools guides SEOs to tread lightly but these tools data rely on third party data. For example, Google’s keyword planner, or other keyword research tools rely on data of a third party or paid search data. Also, the data gathered from here helps in setting goals with stakeholders or clients

But the data acquired is just an estimation based on rounding, historical, data or sampling and not real numbers. And these assumed numbers can’t tell your real goal of getting traffic or conversions, SEO experts by themselves has to determine rea goals based on resources available.

Number of leads and sale


Handling an SEO project is more complicated than someone think it is because during the proposal or discovery process while projecting data, it often becomes difficult to make the client understand that more deep levels mean more estimation.

For example, using one keyword research tool and using standard data to display impressions, traffic or conversions. It is layering of estimation overestimation. 

In simple words, more data acquiring from different sources are putting more variables into equations. I’m not saying trust any SEO but you need to understand this, that tools you use are not smart enough to accurately tell about your SEO campaign.

Guaranteed performance

SEO tools you use can’t promise, may the AI is improving or machine learning is advancing. Forecasting is based on past or predicted trends of the future, as audit tools don’t consider a bigger view of content or consider things that influence search engine rankings but rely on technical factors. For sure SEO tools have the ability to predict but they can’t promise or guarantee.

Future is unseen


Tools available now are dependent on search algorithms, available presently and data tied is to the past 90 days or years often. Search algorithm doesn’t remain the same always it changes, and influences ranking factors, machine learning is already upgrading. SEO experts say, one thing that remains constant in the SEO world is change, as an SEO you can’t always rely on the same tool, you either reacts, adapt or fails and left behind the trend.

Business and SEO

For marketers, SEO always remains on the table. The consistent problem is of tools because tools after a time become insufficient in providing predicted and reported ROI numbers. Yes, reporting and analytics tools fill the gap but to generate leads and have conversions you can’t completely rely on them. Some work you have to do manually to connect everything. Here’s how you can determine the ROI of SEO.  


No SEO wants to go back early stage of SEO, where everything has to be done manually. For researching, crawling, measurement, setting standards and analyzing there is great availability of tools nowadays, that really guide with SEO strategy and execution.

These tools might be great technology but SEO tool can’t do everything, you have to provide your unique style for successful SEO, to fill the hole.

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5 common Objections & Response( to it), Search Engine Optimization

In today’s blog, we are going to cover commonly known objections to SEO and how SEOs can counter those objections with facts, smartly. If you are an SEO and finds difficult convincing clients need of search engine optimization or you aspire to be an SEO expert or wants to provide best SEO training in Delhi/India, you’ll face a lot of people who misunderstand SEO, they can be your clients, friends, family. here’s how you should make them understand about SEO benefits and need, though the objection list is long you’ll read about 5 common rejections. Reason to understand the SEO process.  

technical skills required for seo analyst

5 most common objections:

Other channels drive traffic better than SEO- Other channels that these people talk about is PPC, Social media, Which people say bring more conversions and traffic, compare to SEO.  must remember that more you invest time, SEO knowledge, the greater success you’ll get and if you are investing time and money into PPC campaign, or social media, yes you will get success but having traffic organically is more beneficial because it reflects the efforts you put in.

Every channel has a different purpose like social media is for engagement and audience development, though it can be used for conversions but is not help always. So just be crystal clear that SEO is way more helpful than any other source.

Ads display on SERPs is more: SEO dead- It really depends on querying, means if you’ll only work on one side( bottom-funnel, high cost per click) and ignore the other side( organic result from SEO), you’ll feel that the other side has no value. Digital marketing experts say that most of the time when people search the internet they don’t even recognize that they see ads, these experts also say that only 2% to 3% search clicks go to PPC. HOW THESE BOTH THINGS CAN EXIST TOGETHER? Because most of the searches are for getting information, and that’s why it doesn’t trigger Ads. And people are smart, they research before buying and learn more about a product or compare it, so if you are only looking for the PPC ads and not the journey of the buyer, when it comes to SEO you’ll be discouraged.

Actually, the reality is both PPC and SEO are better together rather than working on only one side.

Organic traffic drove through SEO: Not right kind- This is the third common objection SEO face and people mean different things when they say that. The first thing people mean by saying not right kind is, the driven traffic is branded traffic or people knows about business already and searching business and finding it. Well, that’s true but that doesn’t mean that SEO isn’t valuable. There are examples that non-branded websites are also ranking on SERPs and at a good rate. You just need to work according to your audience and within no time you will receive traffic. See this case study of achieving 100,000 visitors in 12 months.

SEO takes longer time- This objection’s frequency is high, if you are really looking for instant results then SEO is not for you because SEO is not a growth hack. In SEO project management, experts focus on conversions, revenue , and growth and that’s how it works. SEO is not a tactic but a methodology. Once everything is baked you are going to achieve sustainable growth. And that how you can respond to people asking such questions.

Can’t predict ROI- IT’s kind of frustrating but here’s how you can predict ROI of SEO.

These are the common SEO objection SEOs faces but there are more. comment below if you know any .

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Deliver Technical SEO service to Your Clients Vs. A Concise Comparison Guide

It might have dawned on you sooner or later that and are two different platforms. The difference between and is like that of two estranged brothers. Where offers features that focus on the creation of beautiful content and lets you adopt free blog hosting (if you’re a registered user), allows you to do all the dirty work of hosting and building a website. And yet, both the platforms are enormously utilized and are rendered as one of the best CMSs in the world. This blog focuses on highlighting the difference between these two Content Management Systems (CMS) by comparing their pros, cons, and features. It is pretty evident that both the WordPress (that’s how we’d like to call them) have achieved cult status among developers and designers due to all the amenities that they offer. The purpose of this blog is simply to weigh their benefits by putting them in the juxtaposition of each other.

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Best CMS For Website Creation: Comparing WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and, More

If you are new to the scene of eCommerce and want to build an online website on a Content Management System (CMS) then this blog measures the pros and cons of all the best CMS available for use to developers, marketers as well as agencies. Surely, there are literally thousands of open source CMS but only a few that have made a real image with the users. An open-source content management system allows developers to build a website on their servers and modify it to their own desires. A user normally prefers a CMS website which is user-friendly, attractive, creative and cost-effective. These characteristics, however highly sought, remain missing in most of the open-source CMSs except a few. These include :

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
website builder vs wordpress


wordpress website builder

WordPress or is one of the most famous content management systems built on PHP and MySQL. WordPress allows the user to access a plethora of attractive pre-installed themes. These power 60 million websites, 33.6% of which are in the top 10 million websites list. WordPress is suitable for blogging websites which deal in travel, lifestyle and other recreational areas. It is also a good platform to build news sites, and websites containing static content. WordPress can be used for eCommerce via the WooCommerce plugin. 


WordPress has a famous five-minute installation process as it allows a new user to easily start a WordPress blog in a few minutes and that too without even using any professional skills. WordPress allows a clear cut user-interface through which users are able to easily create posts, pages and customize the appearance and theme of their page. It also offers 55,131 plugins to ease the website creation process or at least make it fun.

Since WordPress asserts a strong user community, it helps the user in easily finding assistance on incomprehensible facets of the website. You can also hire a professional CMS designing company that can help you set up your WordPress Website.


While most of WordPress is free, there are a significant amount of paid features that need to be unlocked by paying a cost. It is because WordPress relies on plugins and themes for customization, which are not always reliable or safe. Furthermore, the free ones are overused and new ones had to be unlocked in order to make your website stand out or you have to resort to coding in order to customize your website

It also becomes quite expensive to keep your website up to date as numerous updates come out constantly. Also there are many vulnerabilities that the website has faced since 2007.



Joomla is an open-source management system that is free for website creation. It is mainly written in PHP but stores its data in MySQL. Joomla offers its users about 8,000 free and paid extensions through its official directory and other available sources. Joomla has been ranked as the second most used CMS after WordPress.


Joomla offers its users free templates and extensions to develop an attractive website design. It has built a trust relationship with its users which have garnered Joomla 2.5 million installations all over the globe. Joomla mainly known for its flexibility, unlike the rigid format of WordPress. And most important of all, it’s all free. 

Joomla also has a wide and helpful community that provides its users with a clear and simple solution to their problems. Forums, mailing list, and live chat rooms are made available by Joomla in order to make for a smooth user-interface. 


Joomla is however available with a limited number of templates that restricts the user to find the perfect extension and template for his or her website. Also, the extensions have to be found. downloaded and installed manually or through its URL as it doesn’t have the feature to browse extensions from the admin area. 

Joomla’s installation process is not as smooth or hassle-free as WordPress but involves clicking on and customization of your site which makes it more complicated than WordPress.



Magento is an open-source CMS platform which is written in PHP. Owned by Varien, this CMS site was first published on March 31, 2008.  Magento employs object-oriented programming and model–view–controller architecture to function effortlessly. It mainly uses the entity–attribute–value model to store all the data of the website built upon it.


Among the features of Magento, the best are the following: 

  • Reduced table locking problems, 
  • Enhanced page caching, 
  • Enterprise-grade scalability, 
  • Inbuilt rich snippets for structured data, 
  • New file structure with smoother customization, 
  • CSS Preprocessing with LESS & CSS URL resolver, 
  • Boosted performance and a more structured code base. 

Magento mainly uses the MySQL database management system and the PHP programming language along with elements of the Zend Framework. 


Despite its popularity, its user base is only limited to 159,158 websites. This is due to its many problems related to security vulnerabilities that rendered this platform as unsafe and unreliable. Adding to that is the notoriety concerning the company’s maltreatment of its employees as its former employees claim that they’ve been cheated out of nearly 7% to 10% of Magento, valued roughly around 18 million USD.



Drupal, like Joomla, is a free and open-source CMS that is written in PHP. Drupal provides a breathing space to at least 2.3% of all websites worldwide. It provides its users with a wide range of websites, from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites. The user base for Drupal is more than 1.37 million members 


Drupal has more than 42,650 free modules can be extended and customized through Drupal functionality. Also over 2,750 free themes and at least 1,270, free distributions are available that can be customized.

The Drupal also contains the following basic features:

  • User account registration and maintenance, 
  • Menu management, 
  • RSS feeds, 
  • Taxonomy, 
  • Page layout customization, 
  • system administration. 

Drupal also offers a sophisticated API for developers that require no programming skills.


Drupal does not easily allow change of the appearance and addition of a non-content element as compared to other platforms. In addition to that, it has some security issues that make the user question its reliability. Its setting up procedure is also a difficult thing to understand.



Wix is one of the leaders of drag and drops design in web design. As a CMS, Wix allows a combination of user-friendly publishing as well as advanced customization with the help of coding and programming.


Wix endorses a user friendly interface (called drag and drop) which allows the user to create and edit the website to hi or her desire without any hassle. Like mentioned above, Wix is for both beginners as well as professionals as it also allows the user to take the helm through coding and programming.


After the creation of the website, Wix allows the market to advertise on your website. You have to pay extra in order to remove third-party advertisements from your own site. Also, it is really difficult to perform SEO of a Wix site, risking the potential of your ranking and visibility even if your content is great.



Squarespace provides software for website building and hosting to its customers as it allows the use of pre-built website templates and drag and drop elements to create webpages. 


The templates offered by Squarespace are attractive, very attractive. Also, Squarespace allows a user to build a mobile-friendly website with easy SEO procedures. If anything that is found tricky can be solved with the help of Squarespace’s 24/7 hour services.


Squarespace cannot be called cheap as it is highly expensive and promotes different payment plans that range from high to very high. Also, Squarespace does not support third-party apps and extensions which creates a lack of diversity within this CMS.

Deliver Technical SEO Service To Your Clients

You need to apply both artistic and scientific approach to grasp control of site’s technical SEO, providing a technical SEO service in India is not easy, not because of a lot of competitors but delivering of technical SEO demands something from SEO experts and that is a balance of knowledge, diligence and courage to be proficient.

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Make Best Of The SEO Link Building In 7 ways

Link building in SEO is considered an essential ranking factor to provide ranking on SERPs. So SEOs bigger concern is to manage and building successful Backlinks. With SEO link building tools and following 9 ways, you will be able to have a collection of clean and growing Backlinks.

Before moving further with the SEO Link building list, here are Link building strategies for content creators and  SEOs.  

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Facebook Ads Best Practices In 2019

Every business needs the best platform and Social media platform that will suit business is based on the business’s objectives. Many times experienced marketers too makes mistakes while building strategies for business campaign, as they don’t accept the influence of Social Media Marketing has on audiences & how can one use different social media platforms for lead generation and conversion. While building Social media marketing strategies, Digital marketers should consider those social media platforms that will help businesses in growth and brand building. One of the best social media marketing platform that Digital marketers should consider is “Facebook”.

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